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The Freiburg University Library is one of the largest academic libraries in Germany. In addition to an extensive collection of printed media (3.6 million volumes) it also offers a steadily growing range of digital media and multimedia materials. Altogether, access is currently available to approximately 48,000 electronic periodicals (including approximately 30,000 licensed journals), approximately 1,000 databases, and over 1,000 CD-ROMs and DVDs.

The historical collections of the University Library include an extensive collection of manuscripts, literary remains, incunabula, and prints from the 16th and 17th centuries, which are increasingly being digitized and made available online.

The Freiburg University Library is currently undergoing a comprehensive renovation, with an expected end-date in 2014. Therefore, until 2014 the library will be housed in two alternative buildings:

UB 1 (Stadthalle am Alten Messplatz) | UB 1: Opening Hours

UB 2 (Rempartstraße 10-16) | UB 2: Opening Hours

In 2014 the library will move into its new building. With more than 1,700 workstations, 24/7 operation, and modern self-checkout, the library will be tailored to the needs of the scientific work in the 21st century.

Der Serviceschalter hat am Samstag, 04.04.2015, von 10.00-14.00 Uhr geöffnet

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