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Here you can order a paid digital version of a work from our stock or a part of it.

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The costs per page are between EUR 0.40 and EUR 2.00 depending on the size of the order and the recording technology. The minimum price for an order is in any case EUR 8.00. In addition, there are costs for making it available for download or archiving it on a CD/DVD (EUR 2.50/EUR 5.00).

The gentle treatment of the originals is in the foreground for us and sets us limits in some cases. In addition, there are legal barriers, which we must consider. We will carry out your order within the framework of technical, organisational and conservation possibilities. We will make the reproductions in our digital library publicly available to everyone.

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What happens next?

After you have submitted the form, we will first send you an e-mail with a summary of your request. We will then check within the next 10 days whether and under what conditions we can carry out your order and you will receive a non-binding cost estimate. Please let us know within one week whether you accept or reject it. Only then will we start processing your order.

In the case of orders from abroad, we issue an advance invoice before processing the order. In this case, the scans will only be made after receipt of payment.

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