Exporting data to Citavi

The university owns a campus licence for the reference management program Citavi, which enables users to export literature citations from Katalog plus to Citavi.

1. Save search results

Add the search result to “My list” using the “Add title to list” option. Then click on “My list” on the right-hand side of the screen. When exporting, select the “BibTex (i.e. Citavi)” or “RIS” format.

Please note: When searching in the “Books & more” section, Citavi should automatically suggest importing the titles displayed in the list of hits, regardless of the export function in the catalogue (see below).

2. Import to Citavi

In “My list”, click on the “Save” button in the list. Select “Open with Citavi” in the dialogue box that now appears. Citavi will now ask to which project the data should be imported. If Citavi is already open, the data will be inserted in the current project. If an application to open the file is not recognised or the export files are to be processed later, select “Save file”. Now name the file (with the .bib extension). The application must be open for an import to Citavi. From the menu in the program, select File – Import – Text file (RIS, BibTex format, etc.). Click “Next” and when the window appears select “BibTex” again when asked about the file format. Then select “Import a text file”, click on “Search” or enter the file name. In the next window, apply the “Replace BibTex keys” option. The data will actually be imported once you click on “Apply title” and define which data should also be imported.

University of Freiburg