Using media

We are experts in media and we can show you what we know! Learn how to use equipment and programs with us.

Courses in the media centre

All members of the university can take part in our courses.

Tip for lecturers: Recommend our introductory courses to your students to complement your courses.

Introduction to technical handling and filming with digital video cameras

We will show you how to set up and use our video cameras. You can also learn how best to use film elements such as shots, perspectives and movements.
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Introduction to video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018

From creating a project to the first edit to exporting the final version of the film, we will teach you the program’s most important functions. After this workshop, you will be able to use our video editing suites on your own.
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Introduction to digital photography

We will teach you the technicalities of digital single-lens reflex cameras and the basics of composition and design with a mixture of theoretical and practical elements.
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Digital audio recordings and processing

This course will teach you the basics of successful audio recording. From selecting the right microphone to post-processing, we will explain every necessary step in the workflow and give you plenty of practice.
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Editing digital images with Adobe Photoshop CC

This course presents the key tools for editing and optimising photographs. The aim is to gain a fundamental understanding of editing digital images.
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Einführung in die Produktion von Erklärvideos

Lernen Sie in zwei Kurseinheiten die Grundlagen, um verständliche Erklärvideos im Legetrickformat zu produzieren – von der Konzeption bis zur technischen Umsetzung.
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uniCROSS editorial training

Cross-media means using video, audio, text and images correctly, composing them in an optimum way and being clever in how you present them. All students and academics can receive training on the journalistic principles of media communication with uniTV, uniFM (88.4 MHz) and uniONLINE. All three media are included in the online presentation: radio and TV channels struggle to exist today without a website or a social media presence. Take this training and gain key qualifications for many future career paths.

You can find the latest posts, programmes and the uniFM live stream on the uniCROSS website.

Information on the collaboration:

Media and Cultural Studies practical module

If you can master media, you will be able to research it better. That’s why students on the Media and Cultural Studies Bachelor programme take their practical module in the University Library’s media centre. They produce short films, work on journalistic topics on the uniCROSS editorial program and create their own websites. We use this program to teach the tools of the trade for working with media. It is also a great way to incorporate more practical aspects into a course.

Short film project by students from the “Introduction to Film Production” course:

by Carola Krettenauer, Ylva Schütz and Katharina Ströhm

Universität Freiburg