Technical data

Key figures for the building and technical concept

Floor space and volume

Floor space: 30,600 m²
Gross floor area: 41,700 m²
Gross building volume: 158,900 m³


- Compact technical shell, space: 7,400 m² (4,000 m² less than the former University Library)
- Triple glazing (U-value 0.6) with highly selective solar control coating (16% energy outlet), 50:50 glazed/closed

Heating and air-conditioning

- Concrete core temperature control, 100 km mains system in the concrete ceilings, additional heated and chilled canopy ceilings around the edge of the ceiling
- Air-conditioning from the underground well water supply
- District heating system


- Source air via the hollow floors (control of air quality and presence)
- Additional ventilation valves in the façade for individual offices with automated closure


- Presence- and daylight-dependent control of the ceiling lights
- Energy-saving LED lighting at desks, with automatic switch-off
- Additional LED lights in the staircase voids and the underground garage

Photovoltaic system on the roof of the University Library

For the building’s own energy supply (approx. 10%), approx. 2,000 m² in size, approx. 750 modules, yearly output: 200 kWh 

University of Freiburg