The library building

University Library Freiburg opened the doors of its renovated building on 21 July 2015 and it is now one of the largest and most modern university libraries in Europe.

An architectural statement

The University Library does not just make a spectacular architectural statement with its new building, it also provides excellent service and an optimum learning and working environment for its users. The full renovation of the University Library began in 2009. The building was designed by architectural firm Degelo Architekten in Basel. They used an innovative lighting, energy and air-conditioning concept to give the building a new, transparent façade made of metal and glass. Heinrich Degelo, the architect behind the design, calls it a polished diamond.

The building is known for its openness between the mostly freely accessible closed stacks and the holdings in the reading rooms on the upper floors, with more than 1,750 separate user workstations, from the silent zone to the learning lounge. The library was designed to be a 24/7 facility from the outset and there are many self-service machines that use an RFID-based self-checkout system to facilitate this.

University of Freiburg