Loss of transponders, cards or media

If you have lost your library card, University Library media or a chip, please speak to us at the information desk in the foyer, call us or write to us.

We will find the best way to get you a replacement.

Loss of library card

You are liable for your University Library account, including the loss of your library card. So please contact us as soon as you realise you have lost your card. We will block your University Library account to prevent any misuse.

If you find your card, you can have your University Library account unblocked at the information desk. Please bring ID with you for this.

If you do not find your card, you have a few options: You can apply for a new UniCard at the Student Service Center. External users can be issued with a replacement card at the information desk upon presentation of their ID; this service incurs a fee.

Loss of media

If you have lost an item that belongs to the University Library, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid additional late fees.

Loss of transponder chips for lockers

If you have lost a chip, please contact us as soon as possible so that the access authorisations assigned to you are not abused. The chips include:

  • Chips for lockers in the reading rooms
  • Chips for long-term lockers
  • Chips for cloakroom lockers for University of Education students
  • Chips for cloakroom lockers for daily visitors
  • UniCard guest cards
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