Stream your event live to the world.

This service offers you the possibility to stream your event live with equipment and staff of the media service. We stream the event professionally and also with live editing, if desired.

Livestreams Technical realization by media center

Live streaming is not possible in every room, a network connection is mandatory. Our services can only be booked for university events. Technical requirements in the rooms are best discussed well in advance of the room booking.


The price depends on the number of staff and the setting. The costs amount to 100€ per hour or part thereof per media centre staff member. After clarifying the setting, we will send you a cost estimate:

  • Calculation example 1: 
    1 professional camera, audio technology of the event room, 90 minutes: 1 person = 200 €.
  • Calculation example 2: 
    2 professional cameras, live editing and audio technology of the media centre, 90 minutes: 3 persons = € 600


We will discuss the following points with you in advance: date, time, location and length of the event. How many cameras are needed? How many speakers are planned and in which presentation situations (discussion, presentation with PowerPoint, etc.)?
Please contact us as early as possible to clarify your questions.

Contact and enquiry

Automated livestreams

In some lecture halls at the university, live streams with Panopto are possible via the lecture hall technology. There, the microphones, the beamer image and a permanently installed lecture hall camera are digitally tapped and made available to viewers. To plan a recording or a livestream in a lecture hall, you need a valid account for employees of the University of Freiburg (e.g. xy123).

To use Panopto on your own PC/notebook, you only need admin access to an Ilias course (usually via university account for staff). There you can then record and stream live.

Under the following links you will find all the information about the procedure and an up-to-date list of the equipped lecture halls:

Help pages in German for Fernrecorder

University of Freiburg