Dos and don’ts – please take note!

The University Library is a very special place of learning. Please help us to maintain this unique atmosphere. Make sure you are a considerate and active member of this new learning environment and help to keep the spirit alive in the building.

Studying and reading

It is possible to lock up jackets, bags and food during your visit to the library. You can take water with you in lockable bottles. A drinking column on the ground floor lends itself to this.

The reading rooms are quiet zones. You can chat and work in groups in the parlatory. Please remember to be considerate of others in this area, too. 

Reserving places to work is very unfair and thoughtless. Please keep this in mind and be fair. 

We ask that you clear up after yourself when you leave.

There are plug sockets in the bases of the brown seats. Please use these sockets to avoid creating tripping hazards in the form of cables lying around on the floor.

Service animals such as guide dogs for the blind are allowed in the library. No other animals are allowed in the building.

Small baskets are placed by the cloakroom lockers. They can be used by all visitors.

Break timer


To prevent workstations from being unduly reserved, we use break timers during the University Library’s peak periods.


Similar to disc parking, library users should set the current time on the timer when leaving their workstation. They then have a maximum of 60 minutes to take a short break. Once this time has expired, the space can be used by other library visitors and the study materials at the workstation will be moved to one side. This also applies if users do not use the break timer at all when leaving the workplace. Please also note that PC workstations cannot generally be reserved.


Break timers are kept on the stands opposite the lifts in the reading rooms and at our information counters. Please return the break timers to where you found them once you are finished.

Break timer

Bring them back! Please return books from the circulation area that you are not using to the return terminal (floor -1) or place them on the return shelf.

Give them back! Don’t forget about borrowed books – it can be costly!

Put them back! The books in the reading rooms with the two-tone labels are there for all library users. Please always put them back on the shelves. 

Take them back! Please take books reserved in the reading rooms back to where you found them.

Tactile guidance system

Three guidance lines in the floor help people with visual impairments to find their way from the entrance at the Café Libresso along the lockers to our service desk.

Please keep the lines clear of obstacles.


Fizzy drinks, cheese sandwiches – or any food, for that matter – and books are not a great mix. As such, the café is the only place in the library where food and drink can be consumed. You will find drinking stations on the ground floor.

The only exception is water, which can be taken into the reading rooms and parlatory in sealable bottles.

Café Libresso is the perfect place to eat, drink, chat and laugh in the University Library. Please help us keep the atmosphere relaxed for everyone by returning your cutlery and crockery as you leave.

Nobody wants to study sandwiched between pizza boxes and Asian takeaway tubs.

So please always purchase your meals from Café Libresso. In an effort to cut down on waste, other food must not be brought into the University Library.

University of Freiburg