Interlibrary loan and document delivery

More than 4 million media in the University Library, just under 2 million media in the faculty libraries... And there are still works not held in Freiburg.

Book dispatch

We offer the option of an interlibrary loan service to help make sure you are adequately equipped for your research and teaching, training and further education. You can also use our completely separate document delivery service at any time. An overview of these services is given below.

Interlibrary loan Borrowing media not held in Freiburg


You can reserve media not held in libraries in Freiburg via the Interlibrary Loans Portal. Searches performed in the catalogue via interlibrary loan scan the catalogues of numerous German libraries. You can select the items you need from this huge range of media.


You can reserve items once your search is complete. Please note that not everything listed in the Interlibrary Loans Portal can be delivered.

You can only reserve one volume or article at a time. If you need several works, please reserve them accordingly. To log in, use your University Library account number as the username and enter your password. Members of the University of Freiburg use their UniAccount.

Each reservation incurs a processing fee of EUR 1.50. This is always charged, regardless of the actual delivery method. You can view your outstanding reservations and fees in your University Library account at any time.

Which media cannot be delivered?


A reservation is usually delivered within one to three weeks. The processing time may be slightly longer for works that we are unable to directly find in another library. We will notify you via email as soon as your reservation arrives.

You will also receive an email from us if your reservation cannot be delivered. There are several reasons for this. It may be that we just need to query something with you. Please respond by email or telephone or visit us at the information desk.

Collection and returns

You can collect your interlibrary loan reservation at the information desk. You have until the return date to do so. We will inform you of the date via email.  

Delivered books can either be taken out on loan or used in the reading rooms – the final decision is made by the library that owns the book. You should return them to the information desk once you are finished with them. Library users are allowed to make copies of the items.


Books on interlibrary loan can usually be borrowed for 28 days. The return date can be extended once. We provide this service subject to certain conditions. We will email you if the library that owns the work needs it back. If this happens, please return the interlibrary loan item as soon as possible.

When borrowing on interlibrary loan, some libraries give us a fixed return date when they deliver. Unfortunately, these items cannot be renewed.

Document delivery services The fastest way to get a document

The fastest way to get a documentIf you need books or essays at short notice, you can reserve them via a document delivery service. The various providers obtain the literature from a library and deliver it directly to you – the University Library is not involved in this process. To reserve, simply select the item you need in the provider’s database. The delivery type, costs and time will vary depending on the delivery service. Delivery services:


FastDok The campus delivery service for staff at the University of Freiburg

Staff at the University Medical Center Freiburg and the University of Freiburg’s science institutes can quickly and easily order copies of essays in PDF format and have them sent to their office computers via FastDok. Simply get in touch with one of our contact points and tell us which articles you need. We will scan and send them to you within 2 working days. We need your email address to do this. Please provide it when ordering the documents.

Contact points

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