Course reserves

At the beginning of the lectures, we set aside course reserves, i.e. the reading list for specific courses, at the request of the lecturers at the University of Freiburg. These titles are withdrawn from normal library circulation during the semester. At the end of the lectures, the books are checked back in and made available for lending again.

The course reserves are held in Reading Room 1.

To apply for a semester package in the summer semester 2023, please send the completed list by 2 april 2023 to

You can add the following media to the course reserves:

  • All borrowable holdings of the UB.
  • A placeholder is set up in the course reserves for reading room collections of the UB. The volumes remain at their location.
  • E-books of the UB are referenced with a placeholder in the course reserves.

For reasons of space, a maximum of 20 titles can be included in the course reserves.

University of Freiburg