Self-service circulation area

Most of the latest media available to check out of the library is held on floor -1. Note down the call number stated in Katalog plus and find your media on the shelf.

Holdings at the library An overview by call number

You will find holdings with the following call numbers in the circulation area. You can check out the books yourself at the self-checkout machines there.

LB: textbook collection I

GE: humanities from 1998

SW: social sciences from 1998

NA: natural sciences from 1998

RE: law

Geo: geography, hydrology, ethnology

FX: large books

FZ: additional reading

You can easily reserve older literature from the stacks.

Textbook collection Textbook collection I and II

The textbook collection is split into two sections

LB 1: humanities and social sciences, economics, law | University Library
LB 2: natural sciences, medicine | Institutsviertel, Ernst-Zermelo-Str. 1

All books in the textbook collection can be checked out of the library.

If all copies are already out on loan, you will often find a reference copy of titles from the textbook collection in the reading room. Users can also usually reserve a loanable copy from the stacks.

Textbook collection 1 comprises media from the humanities, economics and law. The entire collection is held on, and can be checked out from, floor -1 of the University Library.

Textbook collection 2 includes medical and natural science subjects and is therefore held in the Institutsviertel, a building closely related to these fields.

Additional reading A general overview of everything you need to know about all subject areas

The additional reading section consists of around 13,000 printed books.

It is arranged by topic and provides a general overview of everything you need to know about all subject areas. Whether you prefer the classics or modern literature from around the world, want to bury yourself in popular science books or are interested in crime novels or art travel guides, there is something for everyone in the FZ section.

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