Scan, copy, print

You can make copies of books, documents and other source materials in the copy rooms in the reading rooms and on floor -1 whenever you need to. Microform scanners are located in Reading Room 1.

Copy room

Users can print from the computer pools by selecting the “Windows 10_UB_mit_Druckfunktion” profile. Click on “Lesesaal 2 - Pool Drucker” to print to Photocopier 3 in the copy room in Reading Room 2.

Please note that unprinted jobs will be automatically deleted from the photocopier’s job box after one hour.

Microform scanners and readers

The microform scanners in Reading Room 1 enable library users to scan microfiches and microfilms page by page. The files can be saved as (editable) images or text. The quality will very much depend on the source material.

There are microfiche and microfilm readers alongside the scanners.

It is free to use the scanners and readers.

Multi-function photocopiers

You can make copies, print from the computer pools, print PDFs from a USB stick and scan source material using our multi-function photocopiers.

Multi-function photocopiers

Costs and payment

You need a library card with credit or a MensaCard from Student Services to use the photocopiers.

If you would rather pay in cash, there is a coin-operated photocopier in Reading Room 2.

Price per copy

Format Black and white Colour
DIN A4 EUR 0.06 EUR 0.26
DIN A3 EUR 0.12 EUR 0.52
Book scanner

There is a book scanner in the copy room in Reading Room 1, as well as in the circulation area on floor -1. You can use these machines to scan books page by page and save them to a USB storage device in various file formats.

Technical data

Source material formats From A5 to >A2
Scanning mode Colour
Resolution 400 dpi (this resolution is fixed and cannot be altered)
Scan speed Less than 4 seconds

Default settings in basic mode: 400 dpi, multi-page scan, PDF format.

Costs and payment

It costs 1 euro cent per scanned page.

You need a library card with credit or a MensaCard from Student Services to use the machines.

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