Technical data

Key figures for the building and technical concept

Floor space and volume

Floor space: 30,600 m²
Gross floor area: 41,700 m²
Gross building volume: 158,900 m³


- Compact technical shell, space: 7,400 m² (4,000 m² less than the former University Library)
- Triple glazing (U-value 0.6) with highly selective solar control coating (16% energy outlet), 50:50 glazed/closed

Heating and air-conditioning

- Concrete core temperature control, 100 km mains system in the concrete ceilings, additional heated and chilled canopy ceilings around the edge of the ceiling
- Air-conditioning from the underground well water supply
- District heating system


- Source air via the hollow floors (control of air quality and presence)
- Additional ventilation valves in the façade for individual offices with automated closure


- Presence- and daylight-dependent control of the ceiling lights
- Energy-saving LED lighting at desks, with automatic switch-off
- Additional LED lights in the staircase voids and the underground garage

Photovoltaic system on the roof of the University Library

Annual electricity production of the PV system (193 kWp) ranges from 185,000 to 210,000 kWh, depending on weather conditions.

University of Freiburg