The building is divided into two large areas: the reading rooms and the parlatory. There are 1,750 workstations in the library. 100 more chairs will be added to the reading rooms at peak periods.

Reading rooms, the parlatory and more

The reading rooms are quiet zones for focusing on work.  Library users can work at 1,250 desks and use the books placed in the reading rooms. 100 more chairs will be set out in the run-up to essay deadlines and exams. The tables have been designed with legs placed further back, making them easier to adapt to additional seating.

Parents are welcome to use our parent and child room in Reading Room 1.

The parlatory is the place for lively communication and discussion in the library. This is the perfect place for groups of all sizes to work, chat and swap creative ideas. The seating in the group work areas has been specifically designed for informal meetings. There is room for roughly 500 library users here. The media centre is on the third floor of the parlatory.

Library users can spend their breaks in Café Libresso, where they can enjoy hot and cold drinks alongside snacks. The outdoor terrace is a great place to sit on warm days.

As an accessible library, we also provide workstations for people with visual impairments and people in wheelchairs.

University of Freiburg