Single-user workstations – peace and quiet to promote concentration

Single-user workstations are available throughout the building. There are 1,250 desks in the reading rooms where you will not be interrupted. The lockers, lounge furniture and standing desks in these areas also facilitate work.

Single-user workstation in the reading room
Read, write, type

All desks feature reading lamps with a plug socket at each seat and a Kensington Security Slot for your laptop. There is a divider between you and the person sitting opposite to give you some privacy and enable you to work in peace.

A different way to read
A different way to read

Comfortable seating is dotted throughout all of the reading rooms – perfect for thinking, reading and taking a brief break from your studies.

Working in the special collections reading room
Workstation in the special collections reading room

The special collections reading room is on the fourth floor. You can access it via the lifts in the reading room area.

Please lock jackets, bags and food in a locker in the foyer before visiting the special collections reading room, as they are not allowed to be taken into the room.

The workstations and the book collections placed here are available to use at any time when the special collections reading room is open.

Reserving books in the special collections reading room

There are various ways to reserve items, depending on the groups of holdings. We provide information on how these media can be used in the “Special collections” section of our website.

Equipment in the special collections reading room

The special collections reading room primarily provides workstations for library users to view the holdings in the special collections. Connections are available (in part) for laptops, microfiche and microfilm readers, access to the catalogue plus, databases, subject resources and special catalogues on the internet.

Collection in the special collections reading room

The collection in the special collections reading room (special catalogues, reference works on codicology and the history of books and libraries) is systematically arranged within the LS: Buch shelf mark group.


Sound-absorbing study boxes on the 2nd floor of the UB's Parlatorium provide the possibility of acoustically shielded individual work. Here you can actively participate in digital teaching or find peace and concentration for a moment in the noisy Parlatorium.

The learning boxes are equipped with ventilation, light and USB connections and are made of sustainable materials.

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