Accessible library

We are here to support you in your academic studies. We can adapt our services to suit your needs. We ensure barrier-free access to the library and an accessible working environment within the library.


There are two parking spaces on Milchstraße that can be used with a disabled parking permit.

Wheelchair access to the building

People in wheelchairs can access the ground floor of the University Library via the revolving doors at the entrances on Platz der Universität and on Milchstraße. Press the designated button on the revolving doors to make them wheelchair accessible.

All floors can be accessed via the lift. The central lifts can be directly called for your use using a Euro key. They feature a user-friendly, lowered and embossed keypad designed specifically for people in wheelchairs.

Access to the building for people with visual impairments

Library users with visual impairments can access the University Library via the door in Café Libresso. A tactile guidance system on the ground shows visitors the way from the door of Café Libresso to the information counter on the ground floor.

The canteen door is freely accessible when Café Libresso’s outdoor space is open. Outside of these hours, an appointment must be made with information service staff. We are happy to wait for you at the canteen door in that case.

Blind and visually impaired members of the University of Freiburg and cooperating higher education institutions can receive a key card to gain access to the University Library. Please contact for more information.

We are also happy to offer blind and visually impaired library users a private guided tour to familiarise them with the University Library site. To arrange a tour, please contact

Literature service

We are happy to help students with disabilities use our holdings. When searching for literature, we will do everything we can to meet your needs and help with borrowing books or reserving items via interlibrary loan.

If you would like to use the University Library’s reference holdings, we can work with you to find the texts you need before your visit.

Please contact our information service with your requests.

Library tours

Our library is accessible and people with reduced mobility or visual or hearing impairments are welcome to come on the library tour.

We have a wireless induction loop system for people who wear hearing aids, so you can easily follow the tour.

Please contact our information service for more information.

Long-term lockers and lockers in the reading rooms

The library has long-term lockers and lockers in the reading rooms. Study materials, borrowed books, etc. can be stored here. The lockers are easily accessible and the period of use can be agreed on an individual basis.

Please contact our information service for more information.

Services for people with hearing impairment

Induction loops

An induction loop is installed in the event room on the first floor in the area directly in front of the speaker's desk up to the façade. Wearers of suitable hearing aids and cochlear implants can thus follow the lecture without disturbing background noise.
In order to enable hearing impaired people to take part in our guided tours, we have 5 mobile induction loops. Please contact us before the tour so that we can provide you with an induction loop if required.


Pagers for people with hearing impairments

Library users with hearing impairments can borrow a pager for the duration of their visit to the University Library. It can be worn on your person throughout your stay in the building. The vibrations and the lights on the display will notify you in the event of an evacuation alarm.

Please visit the information desk in the foyer if you would like to use a pager during your visit.

Workstations for people with visual impairments

The work rooms for people with visual impairments are equipped with a computer and the necessary software, a large monitor with a swivel arm, a scanner with text recognition software, speakers, a refreshable Braille display and two screen-reading devices. Internet access is also available here. There are also two workstations equipped with cold light sources.

To create an ergonomic workspace suitable for hours of study, all work rooms feature a height-adjustable table that can be lowered to 65 cm in height.

If you would like to use these workstations, please contact us by email at and let us know which of the two work rooms you would like to use and when. You will then receive a confirmation from us in a timely manner.

Wheelchair-accessible PC workstations

There is a wheelchair-accessible catalogue PC, which can be lowered to 70 cm in height, in the foyer. This computer can be used to search Katalog plus.

All e-books, e-journals and databases with licences held by the University Library can be accessed at a special PC workstation in Reading Room 1.

There is a wheelchair-accessible presentation desk, which can be lowered to 70 cm in height, in the parlatory (first floor). It is a specially designed desk with a large screen. Library users can connect their own laptops and work on presentations and documents in a group.

There are additional presentation desks on the second to fifth floors of the parlatory. They can be lowered to a height of 107 cm, which is perfect for library users in height-adjustable electric wheelchairs.

Borrowing media: wheelchair-accessible self-checkout machines

Items can be checked out at a wheelchair-accessible self-checkout machine, which can be lowered to a height of 70 cm, in the circulation area on floor -1.


Accessible toilet facilities are located in the foyer by Café Libresso, on the 1st floor of the Parlatorium and in Reading Rooms 2 to 4. These are equipped with a Euro lock. The key is available at the information desk on the ground floor.

Quiet room

People with disabilities and pregnant ladies will find a quiet room in Reading Room 1. This room also features a lounger and a sink with hot water. The room can also be used to administer first aid.

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