Prices and fees for reproduction services

Fees/costs, expenses, prices and charges are incurred in the cases stated in the library charges policy.

The costs of reproducing library material

Section 9 Costs of reproductions

(1) If the library reproduces material for users or provides its technical facilities for self-service purposes, the incurred costs must be paid. To calculate the charges, please refer to the list of fees and costs in the annex of the library charges policy.

(2) If reproductions of the library holdings are made with a view to publication, the library reserves the right to charge a usage fee under private law, possibly in the form of a free deposit copy, in individual cases.

Price per item in EUR Minimum fee in EUR  
Scans of up to A1 in size      
1 to 20 scans 0.80 8.00  
21 to 200 scans 0.60  
201 or more scans 0.40  
Photographs on a digital camera    
1 to 10 photographs 2.00 8.00  
11 or more photographs 1.00    
Archiving on CD or DVD 5.00    
Making media available for download 2.50    
Copies of sheet film 5.00 8.00  
Duplicates of roll film, per roll 40.00  
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