Media archive

We have an extensive collection of audiovisual media for your teaching and research requirements:

  • More than 22,000 VHS tapes and DVDs (feature films, film adaptations, theatrical productions, portraits, documentaries)
  • More than 16,000 audio cassettes and CDs (music, audio dramas, readings)

Refine the search results in Katalog plus to video/DVD or audio media types to specifically find audiovisual media.

Terms of use for CDs and audio recordings

All users with a library card can use audio CDs and cassettes.

Audio CDs (“CD” and “SP/C”) can be reserved via the lending system for use in the reading room or media centre. Audio cassettes (“TK”) can only be used in the media centre. For every audio cassette, the identical number with the “TK/T” identifier can be used to reserve a supplement with explanatory notes.

The audio recordings can be used in the library with headphones. They should not be removed from the building.

As an exception, lecturers at the University of Freiburg and the University of Education can take out audio recordings on short-term loan for their lectures.

Terms of use for VHS tapes and DVDs

Videos and DVDs can be reserved via Katalog plus. Users can then use them in the media centre – they cannot be taken out on loan.

Library users should go to the counter in the media centre during its opening hours to receive the media. They can also book a viewing station with headphones if they so wish.

For copyright reasons, only members of the University of Freiburg may use the University Library’s VHS tapes and DVDs.

These items are only available for short-term loan to lecturers of the University of Freiburg for their lectures.

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