Borrowing made easy

You can use the self-service system to borrow media.

Holdings info Learn how and where to borrow a book

After performing your search in Katalog plus, click on the title you need from the list of hits. This will provide further information on the item’s location and availability. The Holdings info tab takes you to the lending system.  

You can use the lending system to check whether the title can be checked out in the self-service circulation area without needing to reserve it (floor -1 of the University Library), or whether it needs to be reserved from the closed stacks. Users can reserve media already out on loan.

Self-checkout system Borrow media in self-service

You can check out items ready for collection and media on the shelves using the self-checkout machines in the circulation area (floor -1). All you need is your library card and PIN number.

Once you have logged in to the machine, place the media on the indicated surface. The items are automatically checked out and shown on the screen. You can also obtain a receipt showing the return date, if required. This is all you need to do to check out items – you can now take the media home with you.

Please do not forget to take your library card with you.

Self-checkout terminals
Return dates and renewals Extend return dates yourself

You can borrow media from the library for 28 days. 

You can renew media in your University Library account. You can do this 10 days before the return date at the earliest. This will extend your loan period for another 28 days. You can extend the date three times.

Return dates of media that you have borrowed in the special collections reading room can only be extended on site by the staff.

If the literature is popular, the loan period may be reduced to 14 days. If other users have reserved media that you have out on loan, this shorter period will always apply.

As soon as an item has been reserved by another user, you will not be able to renew it.

If your account gets blocked, you will not be able to renew items out on loan.

Reservation Reserve titles out on loan

If you find items in Katalog plus that are already out on loan, you can reserve them.

You will automatically receive the item once it has been returned to the library. We will email you to inform you when this happens. You will see these titles under “Ready to collect” in your University Library account.

You will then have seven days to collect the item from the circulation area. It will be placed on the reserved shelf.

The media are sorted by collection code, which consists of the last two digits of your library account number, followed by the complete number. Before using the items, check them out using the self-checkout machine.

If you no longer require the title, please delete the reservation from your University Library account.

Returns At the machines at any time

Please return your items at our return terminals.

You will find three of these terminals in the foyer by the information desk. There is also another terminal on floor -1.

Simply place the item in the corresponding opening and the return will be processed automatically. A receipt can be issued at the return terminal.

Late fees Missing the return date is expensive.

If you miss your return date, late fees automatically become due. We are not obliged to notify you with reminders.

You will find a list of fees to be paid in your University Library account under “Display fee account”.

  per media unit total
First fee level (up to 7 consecutive days) EUR 1,50 EUR 1,50
Second fee level (8–14 days) an additional EUR 5,00 EUR 6,50
Third fee level (15–21 days) an additional EUR 10,00 EUR 16,50
Fourth fee level (22–28 days)* an additional EUR 10,00 EUR 26,50

*Plus one-off fee of EUR 5.50 for the registered letter

EUR 20.00 will be charged each time any messages need to be delivered.

Fees of EUR 10.00 or more will result in your University Library account being blocked automatically. This does not apply to interlibrary loan fees – these fees will not block your account.

Please pay any fees due at the information desk or at the pay station in the foyer.

Blocked account Why your account might be blocked.

Your University Library account may be blocked for any number of reasons. Here are the most frequent reasons.

Fees (except for interlibrary loan fees) Your account will be blocked if you have been fined EUR 10.00 or more
Blocked as 4th late fee level reached It is imperative that you return the overdue media unit
Payment request Please pay the fee due at the information desk or at the pay station in the foyer.
Billing Please transfer the amount stated in the invoice to the given account (cash payments are not accepted!).
Requests to unblock an account You have lost your library card and had your University Library account blocked. If you find your card, you can have your University Library account unblocked at the information desk. Please bring ID with you. If you need a new library card, please apply for a new UniCard at the Student Service Center. External users can be issued with a replacement card at the information desk; this service incurs a fee.
Lost and found UniCards We pass on any UniCards we find to the Student Service Center on a daily basis. You can see whether we have found your UniCard in your lending account, which we block for security reasons. You will receive your card in the post.
Semester borrowing has expired! The agreed period of your extended borrowing conditions has come to an end. You can apply for an extension at the information desk.
Blocked due to incorrect address The post we sent you has been returned as undeliverable. Please inform us of your new address.
Blocked by staff Please contact the information desk.
Supplementary lending conditions Our offer for the scientific staff of the University of Freiburg

As a member of the scientific staff of the University of Freiburg, you can apply for extended loan conditions if required. For each of your borrowed media, the loan period is automatically extended five times after 28 days for a further 28 days. Excluded from this offer are the books of the Textbook Collection (LB), reading room stocks and interlibrary loans. As soon as a medium is reserved by another user, it is no longer automatically renewed.

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