Media production

Recording events

Individual recordings by media centre staff

We are happy to come to your lectures, talks or events and direct a couple of cameras towards the stage. We can professionally record audio and video and create a final version of the film in post-production. You can then embed the film into your website with ease via the university’s video portal.

Please contact us directly if you are interested. Please refer to the list of costs and fees in the library charges policy for more detailed information on how much it will cost.

Recording of a Hermann Staudinger Lecture with Nobel laureate Paul Nurse

Automated recording with auditorium technology and live streams

The University of Freiburg has pre-installed computer-based equipment for recording lectures in some of its lecture theatres. Events can also be live-streamed to other rooms or made available online.

If you are interested, please contact:

Jörg Zembruski
Tel. +49 761 203 4634

Media projects and documentaries

Do you need promotional films, motion pictures or documentaries in your subject field? We can make your teaching, research or university-themed project idea a reality.

We will work with you on the concept and discuss the timescale as well as the technical and financial conditions. Contact us directly for a tailored quote.

We will show you our library in the following clip, created in cooperation with the Service Center Studium

University of Freiburg