The University Library in figures

Range of media

Total number of printed media holdings: 3.418.924
Manuscripts and handwritten works: 4.050
Incunabula: 3.456
Rare books: 13.481
Literary remains: 166
Available databases and individual electronic documents: 1.733.925
Available electronic journals (titles): 168.120
AV media (analogue and digital): 46.170
Individual micromaterials: 638.384
Maps and plans (number of sheets): 37.026
Sheet music: 4.523

Media access

Total expenditure for acquisition: EUR 5.817.865
Expenditure for the acquisition of electronic media: EUR 3.655.893
Expenditure for subscriptions to journals: EUR 1.771.072
Access to media items, conventional: 18.275
Access to media items, digital: 63.383
Subscriptions to non-electronic journals (titles): 1.122
Subscriptions to electronic journals (titles): 81.596


Opening hours: 119 hours per week
User workstations: 1.752
Computer workstations: 107
Library visits: 2.993.851
Items borrowed: 497.041
Active borrowers: 13.748

Promoting Information literacy

Attendees at library user training sessions: 5.710
User training sessions (hours): 645
Calls to the library's e-learning offerings: 18.936

Media centre

Audiovisual editing suites: 12
Studios: 4 (1 film studio, 2 radio studios, 1 recording studio)
Training spaces: 26


Full-time equivalents (FTEs) according to the University Library’s staff appointment scheme (not including peripheral libraries): 100,76
Full-time equivalents (FTEs) according to the University Library’s staff appointment scheme (peripheral libraries): 35,18
Apprentices/interns (person months): 37,98

Academic libraries on campus

Number of academic libraries: 60
Number of printed media holdings: 1.860.440
Subscriptions to journals (titles) in non-electronic format: 2.309
Expenditure for acquisition (at peripheral libraries): EUR 1.337.860

Last updated: 1 January 2024
Source: Deutsche Bibliotheksstatistik (German Library Statistics) and our own calculations

University of Freiburg