Group workstations – communication and exchange

Group workstations and communication areas can be found in the parlatory, in the Forum Juridicum in reading room 2 and Café Libresso.

Parlatory A place for discussions

The parlatory is the perfect place to work in groups and swap ideas. Library users can meet for discussions here.

Open and closed seating arrangements form zones that enable you and your group to work without others looking over your shoulder.

You can meet in groups and work together at the large tables.

Study group in the parlatory
Group presentation desks Present and discuss

Our presentation desks feature 55” screens. Library users can connect their laptops and work on presentations and documents in a group. The presentation desks are located in the parlatory.

Conventional cables for connecting to the monitor can be borrowed from the information desk in the foyer. We keep a selection of HDMI, DVI and VGA cables in stock. If you need more specialised cables, please bring them with you.

Usage tips

Group presentation desks
Forum Juridicum Group work with legal literature

Communicative exchange plays a major role in law studies.

It is helpful if at the same time there is the possibility to use the available specialist literature.

This is the purpose of the "Forum Juridicum": an area in the Juridicum that is spatially separated from the reading room but can be reached from there. As in the reading room themselve, the literature available can be used here. In addition, the Forum Juridicum also offers the opportunity to discuss all questions that may arise in connection with the study of law.

Forum Juridicum
Café Libresso Study or take a break with a coffee

Visit us at Café Libresso! 

It’s the perfect place to take a break from studying and refuel with coffee and snacks. Or work in groups and discuss certain topics. Or simply switch off and maybe even flirt a bit.

Café Libresso is the University Library’s vibrant meeting point in the foyer and on the terrace overlooking Theater Freiburg.

Café Libresso in the University Library is run by Student Services Freiburg (SwFR).

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