Reserving items from the stacks

Many media can be reserved online with your library card. We find the media for you, and you can usually collect them a few hours later. This applies to all media that are not available for immediate check-out from the circulation area.


Users can reserve media from the stacks in the catalogue. If you reserve an item from our stacks by 3pm, you can use it the very same day. Media reserved at the weekend will be ready to collect from Monday.

As soon as the item is ready, you can collect it within seven days from the circulation area. Items will be placed on the reserved shelf here. We can also send out email notifications upon request. You will see these titles under "Ready to collect" in your University Library account.

The media are sorted by collection code, which consists of the last two digits of your library account number, followed by the complete number. Before using the items, check them out using the self-checkout machine.

Reserved shelf
collection code

Reserving items in the reading room

Older literature can only be used in the reading room or research reading room.

This applies to media published in the following years:

  • Books and journals printed pre-1851 can be used in the research reading room.
  • Books and journals printed from 1851 to 1920 (inclusive) can be reserved and used freely in the reading room.

Rare, protected and special books can also be used in the University Library's reading rooms, regardless of their year of publication.

When reserving, simply select the reading room in which you would like to work. The literature will be waiting for you on the reserved shelf in the room. You can use the media for as long as you like - just make sure you put the items back on the shelf when you leave. You can extend the loan period online.

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