Search by topic

A number of catalogues, portals, databases, bibliographies, overviews and similar resources are available when you need to search for literature and media on a particular topic.

Katalog plus

You can perform a topic search in the University Library’s collections in Katalog plus. The advanced search function in the “Books & more” section features a subject heading category that can be used to refine searches for literature published from 1995. Not all of the older publications can be searched by topic.

Use the index to find suitable subject headings for your search. You can view the index function in the search field itself.

You can select various facets in the list of hits to narrow your results down by topic.

You can find the subject heading keywords used under the “Content details” tab in each data record. In many cases, there are also notations from the Regensburg Classification Scheme Online (RVK Online). This system can also be used to gain an overview of the titles relating to your subject in the University Library Freiburg’s collection.

Subject catalogues

Our traditional subject catalogues can also be helpful when conducting research on your work. They can be used to devise better search strategies.

Subject portals

You can find subject-specific collections, University Library services and other online resources on our subject portals. For example:

  • Databases
  • Specialised catalogues, bibliographies, sourcebooks and collections of materials
  • Online portals, virtual subject libraries
  • Learning materials
  • Specialised institutions

Please contact our subject librarians if you have any questions about the subject portals. You can find their contact details on the respective subject portal and in the list of subject librarians.


The databases are more extensive than Katalog plus, so you can make your searches more specific. The major advantage is the ability to perform national searches by subject. There are various types of databases, such as essay databases, subject bibliographies, full-text databases and bibliographies of newspapers and journals. You can find suitable databases for your searches in the database information system (DBIS) or in the subject portals.

National library services


You will find an overview of German libraries’ special subject collections and specialised information services in Webis, which provides regional and national information, services and contact details for your specialist field.


Virtual subject libraries

You will find relevant online resources for your specialist field in the virtual subject libraries. The Common Library Network (GBV) offers a subject-specific list of all virtual subject libraries. 

Virtuelle Fachbibliotheken

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