Tours on how to use the library

We can provide an introduction on how to use the University Library. Whether you’re looking for a space to study, want to learn how to use the self-checkout system or need information on where the reading rooms are and what the parlatory is – we can show you!

Please understand that due to the current situation we cannot offer guided tours for the time being.

We hope to welcome you soon again in the UB and will inform you in any case here on our website - please feel free to drop by regularly.

Registration and meeting point

The meeting point for tours is by the lockers in the foyer.

Please register for a tour at least two days in advance. We will inform you if we need to cancel a tour.

Our library is accessible and people with reduced mobility or visual or hearing impairments are welcome to come on the library tour.

We have a wireless induction loop system for people who wear hearing aids, so they can follow the tour without an issue.

Please contact our information service for more information.

Universität Freiburg