Payment of library fees

Library fees can only be paid cashless.

Please pay library fees with your rechargeable library card at the information desk or at the pay machine in the foyer.

Payment via library card automatically redeems your respective debts on your University Library account and reverses any possible loaning restrictions due to outstanding debts. You can always top up your library card at the terminal in the foyer or at the checkout of Café Libresso.

You can transfer the library fees from your banking account. Please note that transfers will only be credited to your loan account after a couple of days, which means that any debts will remain on your account as well as any possible loaning restrictions will remain in place until that time.

Bank account

Recipient: Universitätskasse Freiburg
IBAN: DE47 6005 0101 7438 5009 55

Reference: 48610030/Library account number

Please always add your library account number to the reference 48610030. This information is needed to allocate the payment receipt to the appropriate account.

The payment of library fees does not automatically leads to the renewal of a loan.

Falls Sie bereits eine Gebührenrechnung erhalten haben, nutzen Sie bitte die DORT genannten Überweisungsdaten!

University of Freiburg