Funding of open access books

Persons eligible to apply for funding

  • Authors of monographs or (co-)editors of edited volumes are eligible to apply for funding if they are members of the University of Freiburg and are responsible for the payment of any publication charges.
  • In the case of edited volumes, at least one of the editors must be a member of the University of Freiburg.
  • An ORCiD ID must be provided.

Publications eligible for funding

  • Current primary publications, e.g. as yet unpublished monographs or edited volumes, are eligible for funding.
  • Only books for which no alternative financing options are available are eligible for funding.
  • Edited volumes are eligible for funding if a book processing charge (BPC) is charged for the entire volume. Individual contributions to edited volumes by members of the University of Freiburg are not eligible for funding.

Amount of funding

  • Only open access publication fees are eligible for funding. Funding for printing or typesetting costs or surcharges for color illustrations, page counts, etc. is not possible.
  • Funding per publication is limited: Open access publication charges for monographs or edited volumes will be funded up to EUR 5,000 (incl. VAT). If the total publication costs exceed this limit, partial funding by the publication fund is possible.

Requirements regarding the publication and the publisher

  • All parts of the funded work have to be permanently available online immediately after publishing – worldwide and free of charge. The open access version of the funded book must appear before or simultaneously with any publication of a print version.
  • The book must be available under a permanent web address (DOI or URN).
  • The Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice need to be followed.
  • The publisher has to be listed as a dedicated open access publisher, e.g. in the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) or as a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA).
  • The publisher must issue a transparent calculation of the open access publishing charges. Only these charges will be reimbursed by the publication fund.

Legal aspects

  • The publication must appear under a free licence (preferably Creative Commons Attribution/CC BY).
  • The authors or editors only transfer non-exclusive rights of use to the publisher.
  • The rights to images and other material provided by third parties have been cleared beforehand.

Funding acknowledgement and documentation

  • The publication must contain a reference to the support received from the publication fund of the University of Freiburg.
  • The affiliation of the authors or (co-)editors to the University of Freiburg must be clear from the publication.
  • All funded publications are indexed and made available from the institutional repository FreiDok plus.

Support and application for funding

If you are interested in receiving funding, please contact us:

University of Freiburg