Availability status in DBIS

In the Database Information System (Datenbank-Infosystem / DBIS), you can refine your search and the displayed results to certain access types under "Select library/settings" (Button "Bibliotheksauswahl/Einstellungen").

Freely accessible

("Frei zugänglich")

These databases are freely accessible online.                                                                                                                            

Available online for authorised users

("Für berechtigte Nutzer online zugänglich")

These databases feature three different access types for members of the University of Freiburg: 

  • Accessible with login
    Users can access databases with this label from any computer with internet access with their university login details.
  • Accessible within the university network
    Users can access databases within the university building using computers with internet access. When off campus, they can log in to the university network via the computer centre’s VPN.
  • Only accessible on campus
    These databases can only be used within the university. 

External users who own a library card can access the databases from certain computers in the University Library.

Specialised information services licence


These databases are provided by one of the specialised information services with DFG funding, so they are only accessible to the group of users whose research fields are in the database’s subject area.

Personal registration required

("Personenbezogene Lizenz")

This remote access offer is provided by ZB MED - Informationszentrum Lebenswissenschaften. Individuals residing in Germany can register in person at ZB MED for free access. Further information, including registration, can be found there.

Available offline

("Lokal verfügbar")

Some databases are now only available on CD-ROM. They can be reserved via Katalog plus. Most have the choice between home loan or loaning in the reading room, but some databases can only be reserved for use in the reading room.

Free anywhere in Germany (national licence)

("Deutschlandweit frei - Nationallizenz")

These databases are licensed for use anywhere in Germany and are financed by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG). This service can be used within the university network. Login details may be required.

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