Ethnology of Baden

Questionnaire for the regional folk traditions

The questionnaire of Meyer, Kluge, and Pfaff from 1894/95

In 1894/95, a "Questionnaire for the collection of folk traditions" designed by the Freiburg university professors Elard Hugo Meyer, Friedrich Kluge and Fridrich Pfaff was sent to the 1,500 school towns in the Grand Duchy of Baden. A separate questionnaire was sent to the pastors to record the religious and ecclesiastical cultural area.

The return was about 20 %. Elard Hugo Meyer evaluated the questions on "customs and traditions" and published his work "Badisches Volksleben" in 1900. Since 1914 the questions on "Linguistics" and other answers concerning the dialect have been evaluated for the Badisches Wörterbuch.

Of the total of 7,400 preserved reply pages for 507 locations, the collection contains the digital copies of the 130 folders owned by the University. All other folders are kept in the Badisches Landesmuseum, Außenstelle Südbaden/Landesstelle für Volkskunde in Staufen.

Universität Freiburg