The University Library owns around 3,500 incunabula or cradle books, in other words works printed prior to 1500.


The following groups in our collection of incunabula currently take priority in the digitisation process: titles that are of interest to current research topics, projects and specific themed portals; titles with a regional connection (place of printing, provenance, topic); titles that are only available in Freiburg within Germany; and titles with unique character, for example due to their design (book illustration).

Latest digitised incunabula

From: Reisch, Gregor: Margarita philosophica. Straßburg, 1504. (UB Freiburg, Ink. A 7315,d)
From: Brant, Sebastian: Das nüv Schiff von Narragonia. Straßburg, 1495. (UB Freiburg, Ink. E 4679)
From: Berthold der Bruder: Das andechtig zitglögglyn ... Basel, 1492. (UB Freiburg, Ink. K 3484,ad)
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