Expert search tips

The free-text field in Katalog plus enables users to formulate a very precise search request using field labels.

If no field labels are entered, the search will be performed in all fields.

Multi-word search terms must be placed in brackets, otherwise the second and following word(s) will be searched in the free-text field.

ti:Badische Heimat => Searches in the title field for “Badische” and in the free-text field for “Heimat”

ti:(Badische Heimat) => Searches in the title fields for the individual words, regardless of order

ti:“Badische Heimat” => Searches in the title fields for the individual words, in precisely this order

Searchable fields
Abbreviation Definition Example Notes
kid: ppn kid:32423600X  
ti: Title words (*) ti:(Badische Heimat)  
ta: Exact title (*) ta:"Der Spiegel" The search term must be entered in "".
au: People's names (*) au:(Goethe, Johann) In the format: last name comma first name
co: Words from corporate names (*) co:(University of Freiburg)  
pp: Place of publication (*) pp:Berlin  
pu: Publisher (*) pu:(Springer)  
py: Year of publication (*) py:[1992 TO 1995]
py:[* TO 2000]
py:[2000 TO *]
Square brackets must be used in this field.
rn: All volums in a work rn:019118406  
sb: ISBN (*) sb:978-3-7857-2361-6  
ss: ISSN (*) ss:0942-8925  
ct: Subject heading (*) ct:(Berliner Mauer)  
zs: Local subject heading zs:China  
zr: Location notation zr:"A 1"  
cc: RVK classification notation cc:(ap 14800)  
si: Call number (*) si:ls\:buch1000/510
si:(ls\:buch*) for truncated searches
Colons in the call number must be dequalified with a "\". Spaces must be removed.
zj: Standard identifier for libraries zj:Frei85
Spaces must be removed. So Frei 85 becomes Frei85.
tz: Title codes tz:book
List of the most important searchable field codes
az: Local field codes az:ebok  
la: Language la:eng List of language codes
prn: Provenance notes prn:(Bürgi Ulrich)
prn:(Ulrich Bürgi)
allfields: All fields The search will be performed in all fields. Only applies to the "Books & more" section.

(*) = these aspects can also be searched in the advanced search tool.


Search terms can be truncated with an asterisk (*) to the right of the word, but not to the left.

E.g.: au:(goeth*)

Words can also be truncated in the middle with *, whereby the asterisk can represent any number of characters. This format can often be helpful if there are multiple spellings or languages involved. However, it often returns an unexpectedly high number of hits.

For example, when searching for Toskana or Toscana as ti:(tos*ana)

If you want to truncate just one letter, performing the search with a question mark (?) will usually generate more accurate results than when truncating the word in the middle:

E.g.: ti:(tos?ana)

E.g.: au:(ma?er AND w*) AND ti:psychiatrie

Boolean operators

The Boolean operators “AND”, “OR” and “AND NOT” can be used in searches. Please note that they must be capitalised.

When several search terms are entered, they are automatically connected with an “AND”. 

However, the “AND” operator must be typed in when terms are truncated or when a field label is used (see below).

The “OR” operator can be used to expand the search, and “AND NOT” is used to narrow it. 


Korfu OR corfu

si:frei132\:z22 AND ti:(badische heimat)

ti:unix OR ti:tcp AND NOT ti:linux

  • AND
    “A AND B” means every title searched must contain search term A and search term B. So it limits the number of hits. The more terms you connect with AND, the lower the number of hits.
    E.g.: ti:(rhein AND kaiserstuhl) si:frei132\:z22 AND ti:(badische heimat)
  • OR
    “A OR B” means every title searched must contain either search term A or search term B or both search terms. The more terms you connect with OR, the higher the number of hits. Searching with OR is a great tool for searching with synonyms or with a search term in multiple languages.
    E.g.: ti:(lexikon OR lexicon)
    “A AND NOT B” means that every title searched must contain search term A but not search term B. This operator narrows down your number of hits.
    E.g.: ti:(astro* AND NOT astrolo*)
    This search request would return hits for astronomy (as well as Astronomie) and astrophysics, but not astrology (or Astrologie).
Searchable field codes and genre terms

When cataloguing, some titles will be assigned field codes or genre terms so that particular titles can be searched using purely formal aspects.

The field codes can be used with the
search aspect in the expert search.

The genre terms can be used with the
search aspect in the expert search.

The most important two-digit field codes:

lo Loose leaf editions
mb Multi-volume works
se Series
so Offprints
uw Articles in journals and anthologies ("dependent works")
zd Identifier for Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB) data (generally an identifier for journals)
zt Newspapers

The most important four-digit field codes:

bild Image resources
muno Sheet music
muto Music recordings
soto Other audio recordings, i.e. audio recordings that do not contain music but speech or sounds.
cofz Online resources (e.g. e-books, electronic dissertations available online)
kart Maps
vide Film or video resources

The most important genre terms for the type of content:

(Search aspect: term_genre:)

! Please always use the German term in your search request!
Ausstellungskatalog Exhibition catalog
Bibliografie Bibliography
Bildband Illustrated book
Einblattdruck Single-sheet print / Broadside
Festschrift Festschrift
Flugblatt Leaflet
Flugschrift Pamphlet
Forschungsdaten Research data
Handschrift Manuscript
Hochschulschrift Thesis
Konferenzschrift Conference proceedings
Musikhandschrift Music manuscript
Podcast Podcast
Rezension Review
Schulbuch Schoolbook
Schulprogramm School publication
Weblog Weblog
Language codes

Language codes have been standardised. When performing a search, use the abbreviated form in the right-hand column.

Language code Approved code in accordance with ISO639-2/B    
Abaza cau    
Abkhazian abk    
Abé nic    
Abnaki alg    
Acehnese ace    
Acholi ach    
Adangme ada    
Adi sit    
Adivasi Oriya ori    
Adyghe ady    
Egyptian (Ancient) egy    
Geez gez    
Afar aar    
Pashto pus    
Afrihili afh    
Afrikaans afr    
Aghul cau    
Ahom tai    
Ainu ain    
Ajie map    
Aka sit    
Akan aka    
Akhoe khi    
Akkadian akk    
Akye nic    
Albanian alb    
Aleut ale    
Algonquian languages alg    
Aljamiado roa    
Alladian nic    
Altaic tut    
Old English ang    
Alteutonik art    
Old French fro    
Old High German (circa 750 - 1050) goh    
Old Irish (up to 900) sga    
Old Newari nwc    
Old Occitan pro    
Old Persian (circa 600 - 400 B.C.) peo    
Old Prussian bat    
Old Provençal pro    
Old Slavonic chu    
Old South Arabian sem    
Old Tukic tut    
Alur ssa    
American Spanish spa    
Amharic amh    
Anal sit    
Andilyaugwa aus    
Aneityum map    
Angami sit    
Angika anp    
Anglo-Norman roa    
Ao sit    
Apabhramsá inc    
Apache apa    
Apatani sit    
Arabic ara    
Arabic-based creole languages crp    
Aragonese arg    
Aramaic arc    
Arapaho arp    
Arawak arw    
Ardhamagadhi pra    
Armenian arm    
Aromanian rup    
Azerbaijani aze    
Assamese asm    
Assyrian akk    
Asturian ast    
Asu bnt    
Athna ath    
Australian languages aus    
Awadhi awa    
Avaric ava    
Avestan ave    
Aymara aym    
Babylonian akk    
Badaga inc    
Bagheli inc    
Bagri raj    
Bahnar mkh    
Baiso cus    
Bajjika inc    
Bactrian ave    
Balinese ban    
Balkar tut    
Bambara bam    
Bamileke bai    
Bamum nic    
Banda bad    
Gbandi nic    
Bangala bnt    
Haryanvi inc    
Banjari raj    
Barambu nic    
Bari ssa    
Basa bas    
Bashkir bak    
Basque baq    
Bassa kor    
Batak btk    
Bathudi mun    
Baule nic    
Bedauye bej    
Rennellese map    
Belarusian bel    
Baluchi bal    
Bemba bem    
Bena bnt    
Benga bnt    
Bengali ben    
Benue-Kongo nic    
Berber ber    
Bhojpuri bho    
Bikol bik    
Bidiyo afa    
Bidyogo nic    
Bihari bih    
Bikaneri mwr    
Bilin byn    
Bilkula sal    
Burmese bur    
Bisa bnt    
Bislama bis    
Blackfoot bla    
Boboda nic    
Bokar sit    
Bokmal nob    
Boni cus    
Borana orm    
Bori paa    
Boro sit    
Bosnian bos    
Brahui dra    
Braj bra    
Brazilian Portuguese por    
Breton bre    
Bribri cai    
Brokpa sit    
Brokskat sit    
Buginese bug    
Bugun sit    
Bulgarian bul    
Buli nic    
Bulu bnt    
Buma bnt    
Bundeli inc    
Romansh roh    
Buriat bua    
Burji cus    
Buruschaski mis    
Caddo cad    
Kallawaya sai    
Cèmuhî map    
Cangluo Monpa sit    
Car Nikobar mis    
Cayuga iro    
Cebuano ceb    
Chaga bnt    
Chaha sem    
Khakas tut    
Chakhesang sit    
Chakma inc    
Khalaj ira    
Chamic cmc    
Chamorro cha    
Chang sit    
Khanty fiu    
Chattisgarhi inc    
Cheyenne chy    
Chibcha chb    
Chickasaw nai    
Chinanteco cai    
Chinese chi    
Chipewyan chp    
Choktaw cho    
Chokwe bnt    
Ch'ol myn    
Chontal cai    
Chulikata sit    
Comanche cai    
Cree cre    
Danish dan    
Dagbani nic    
Dalmatian roa    
Dan nic    
Dangla afa    
Darai ine    
Dargwa dar    
Dari per    
Land Dayak languages day    
Deg Hit'n Athabaskan ath    
Delaware del    
Demotic egy    
Dengese bnt    
Deori sit    
German ger    
German (Old High German, 750 - 1050) goh    
German (Low German) nds    
Dhimal sit    
Dhimba her    
Dhundari raj    
Dimasa sit    
Dingal mwr    
Diola nic    
Djagga bnt    
Dobu map    
Dogon nic    
Dogri doi    
Dogrib dgr    
Dolgan sah    
Duala dua    
Dumi sit    
Dungan sit    
Dungari inc    
Dyerma son    
Dyula dyu    
Dzongkha dzo    
Eblaite sem    
Efik efi    
Ekajuk eka    
Eipo paa    
Elamite elx    
Alsatian ger    
Emai bin    
Endo ssa    
Engadin roh    
Engenni nic    
Enggano map    
English eng    
English-based creole language cpe    
Enets tut    
Erzya Mordvinic myv    
Eskimo qra    
Esperanto epo    
Estonian est    
Etruscan mis    
Ewe ewe    
Evenki tut    
Faroese fao    
Falasha qaa    
Fang fan    
Fante fat    
Fijian fij    
Finnish fin    
Fon-Gbe fon    
Franco-Italian roa    
Franco-Provençal pro    
French fre    
French-based creole languages cpf    
Friulian fur    
Western Frisian fry    
Fulah ful    
Ga gaa    
Gadaba mun    
Gade nic    
Gadi him    
Gaelic qrd    
Gagauz tut    
Galician glg    
Galician-Portuguese glg    
Gallong sit    
Gambai ssa    
Ganda lug    
Gangte sit    
Garhwali inc    
Garifuna cai    
Garo sit    
Gascon oci    
Gayo gay    
Gbaya gba    
Sign language sgn    
Gedeo cus    
Gen Gbe nic    
Georgian geo    
Gilbertese gil    
Glavda afa    
Gondi gon    
Goroka languages paa    
Gorontalo gor    
Gothic got    
Gourma nic    
Grebo grb    
Greek grc    
Guang nic    
Guarani grn    
Guatuso cai    
Gujarati guj    
Gujari raj    
Gurung sit    
Gusii bnt    
Hadiyya cus    
Haida hai    
Haitian hat    
Halbi inc    
Harauti raj    
Hausa hau    
Hawaiian haw    
Haya bnt    
Hebrew heb    
Hehe bnt    
Herero her    
Hittite hit    
Hidatsa sio    
Hieratic egy    
Hieroglyphic Luwian hit    
Hieroglyphs egy    
Hiligaynon hil    
Himachali him    
Hindi hin    
Hiri Motu hmo    
Hmar sit    
Ho mun    
High Alemannic gsw    
Hopi cai    
Hrangkhol sit    
Huave cai    
Huichol cai    
Hunde bnt    
Hupa hup    
Hurrian mis    
Iban iba    
Ibo ibo    
Ido ido    
Igala nic    
Igbo ibo    
Ijo ijo    
Ilocano ilo    
Iloko ilo    
Inari Sami smn    
Indonesian ind    
Ingush inh    
INTAL art    
Interlingua (International Auxiliary Language Association) ina    
Interlingue ile Inuktitut iku
Inupiaq ipk Iraku cus
Irish gle    
Irish (Old Irish) (up to 900) sga    
Irish (Middle Irish) (900 - 1200) mga    
Iroquoian chr    
Irula mun    
Icelandic ice    
Isoko nic    
Italian ita    
Italic roa    
Itza' myn    
Ixtlán Zapotec zap    
Jabo Grebo grb    
Yakut sah    
Japanese jpn    
Jarawara sai    
Jaunde ewo    
Javanese jav    
Yiddish yid    
Jieng din    
Jita bnt    
Juang mun    
Judeo-Arabic jrb    
Judeo-Italian ita    
Judeo-Persian jpr    
Judeo-Spanish lad    
Jugli sit    
Ju'hoan khi    
Yukaghir mis    
Kabardian kbd    
Kabyle kab    
Kachin kac    
Kalatdlisut kal    
Kalmyk xal    
Kamba kam    
Kambaata cus    
Canadian French fre    
Kannada kan    
Kanauri sit    
Kangri doi    
Q'anjob'al myn    
Cantonese chi    
Kanuri kau    
Kanyok bnt    
Kaonde bnt    
Kapauku paa    
Karakalpak kaa    
Karamojong ssa    
Karanga ssa    
Karachay-Balkar tut    
Karachay krc    
Karelian krl    
Karen kar    
Kazakh kaz    
Kaschmiri kas    
Kashubian csb    
Catalan cat    
Kâte paa    
Kawi kaw    
Kekchi myn    
Kelenjin ssa    
Celtic cel    
Kera afa    
Ket mis    
Khaling sit    
Kham tib    
Khamti sit    
Khandeshi inc    
Kharia mun    
Khasi kha    
Khiamniungan sit    
Khmer khm    
Khoisan khi    
Khowar inc    
Kickapoo alg    
Kikuyu kik    
Kim tut    
Kinika bnt    
Kinyarwanda kin    
Kipchak tut    
Church Slavik chu    
Kyrgyz kir    
Kissi nic    
Klingon tlh    
Kodagu dra    
Koho mkh    
Kokborok sit    
Kolami dra    
Kom Rem sit    
Komi kom    
Konda dra    
Kongo kon    
Konkani kok    
Konyak sit    
Coptic cop    
Kuranko nic    
Korean kor    
Koryak mis    
Cornish cor    
Koromfe nic    
Corsican cos    
Kosraean kos    
Koya dra    
Koyukon ath    
Kpelle kpe    
Creole crp    
Crimean Tatar crh    
Croatian scr    
Krongo nic    
Kui dra    
Kuki sit    
Kulango nic    
Kulung sit    
Kumaoni inc    
Kumyk kum    
Kuna sai    
Kunama ssa    
Kung khi    
Kupia ori    
Kurdish kur    
Curonian bat    
Kurmali inc    
Kurukh kru    
Cushitic cus    
Gwich'in gwi    
Kutenai kut    
Kuvi dra    
Kwak'wala wak    
Kwambi ndo    
Kwangali bnt    
Kwanyama kua    
Kwa languages bin    
Kxoe khi    
Welsh wel    
Cyrillic qrb    
Laari kon    
Ladin roh    
Lahnda lah    
Lahu sit    
Lak cau    
Lalung sit    
Lamba lam    
Lango ssa    
Lao lao    
Lappish smi    
Laz cau    
Latin lat    
Lega bnt    
Lele afa    
Leonese spa    
Lepcha sit    
Lezghian lez    
Latvian lav    
Lhota sit    
Liangmai sit    
Ligurian roa    
Lillooet sal    
Limba nic    
Limbu sit    
Limburgish lim    
Linear B grc    
Lingala lin    
Lisu sit    
Lithuanian lit    
Livonian fiu    
Logari ira    
Logooli bnt    
Lojban jbo    
Lolo sit    
Loma nic    
Lombard roa    
Lomwe bnt    
Lorraine Franconian qac    
Lorrain (French) qae    
Lotuko ssa    
Lozi loz    
Luba lub    
Luba-Lulua lua    
Luchazi bnt    
Luena bnt    
Lugbara ssa    
Luhya bnt    
Luiseno lui    
Lule Sami smj    
Lunda lun    
Lungchang sit    
Luo luo    
Luxembourgish ltz    
Luyana bnt    
Lycian ine    
Maasai mas    
Maban languages ssa    
Macushi car    
Mada afa    
Madi ssa    
Madurese mad    
Mafa afa    
Magadhi pra    
Magahi mag    
Magar sit    
Maharashtri pra    
Maithili mai    
Makasar mak    
Makhuwa bnt    
Malagasy mlg    
Malay may    
Malayalam mal    
Maldivian div    
Malinke man    
Maliseet alg    
Maltese mlt    
Malvi raj    
Mam myn    
Mambwe-Lungu bnt    
Mamvu ssa    
Manang sit    
Mandar mdr    
Manchu mnc    
Mangbetu ssa    
Manggarai map    
Manipravala mal    
Manobo mno    
Mansi fiu    
Manx glv    
Mao sit    
Maori mao    
Mapuche arn    
Mara sit    
Marathi mar    
Mari chm    
Maring sit    
Marshallese mah    
Marwari mwr    
Masaba bnt    
Masalit ssa    
massa afa    
Mashi bnt    
Massachusett alg    
Mazatecan cai    
Macedonian mac    
Mbay ssa    
Mbili nic    
Mbunda bnt    
Mbundu kmb    
Medlpa paa    
Megleno-Romanian roa    
Meithei mni    
Mende men    
Meru bnt    
Metyibo nic    
Mewari mwr    
Mewati raj    
Miao hmn    
Michif cpf    
Micmac mic    
Migama afa    
Miji sit    
Mikir sit    
Milang sit    
Milyan ine    
Minangkabau min    
Mingrelian cau    
Mirandese mwl    
Mishing sit    
Mishmi sit    
Miskito cai    
Middle English enm    
Middle French frm    
Middle High German gmh    
Middle Irish (900 - 1200) mga    
Middle Dutch dum    
Mixe cai    
Mixtec cai    
Mizo lus    
Modo ssa    
Mohawk moh    
Mokilko afa    
Moklum sit    
Moksha mdf    
Moldovan mol    
Mongo lol    
Mongolian mon    
Mordvinic fiu    
More mos    
Moru ssa    
Mozarabic roa    
Mundang nic    
Mundari mun    
Mungaka bnt    
Mupun afa    
Musgu afa    
Muscogee mus    
Muyuw map    
Mwera bnt    
Myene bnt    
Nagamese crp    
Nahuatl nah    
Nakhi sit    
Nama khi    
Nanai tut    
Nancere afa    
Nande bnt    
Nankan nic    
Nauru nau    
Navajo nav    
Ndau bnt    
North Ndebele nde    
South Ndebele nbl    
Ndonga ndo    
Nengone map    
Nenets mis    
Neapolitan nap    
Nepali nep    
Modern Greek gre    
Tok Pisin tpi    
Occitan oci    
Newari new    
Newari (Old Newari) nwc    
Nez Perce nai    
Nganguela bnt    
Ngazija bnt    
Ngbaka Ma'bo nic    
Ngbandi nic    
Nias nia    
Low German nds    
Dutch dut    
Dutch-based creole languages crp    
Low Saxon gem    
Lower Sorbian dsb    
Nimadi raj    
Nisenan nai    
Nishi sit    
Nisi sit    
Niuean niu    
Nivkh mis    
Nkengo qad    
N´Ko nqo    
Nkole nyn    
Nocte sit    
Nogai nog    
Nootka wak    
Northern Frisian frr    
Old Norse non    
Northern Ndebele nde    
Northern Sami sme    
Norman roa    
Norwegian nor    
Nubian nub    
Nuer ssa    
Nukuoro map    
Nupe nic    
Nyakyusa bnt    
Nyamwezi nym    
Nyaneka bnt    
Nyanja nya    
Nyika bnt    
Nynorsk nno    
Nyore bnt    
Nyoro nyo    
Nzema nzi    
Nzwani bnt    
Upper Sorbian hsb    
Ogoni nic    
Ojibwe oji    
Oneida iro    
Önge mis    
Onondaga iro    
Oriya ori    
Oromo orm    
Osage osa    
Ottoman Turkish (1500 - 1928) ota    
Ossetian oss    
Eastern Frisian frs    
Otomi oto    
Ovambo kua    
Padam sit    
Pahari him    
Paite sit    
Palauan pau    
Palawan phi    
Pali pli    
Pampangan pam    
Panayati map    
Pangasinan pag    
Punjabi pan    
Papiamentu pap    
Papuan languages paa    
Parengi mun    
Parthian ira    
Passamaquoddy alg    
Pedi nso    
Pahlavi pal    
Pei Miao hmn    
Pende bnt    
Pero afa    
Persian per    
Old Persian (circa 600 - 400 B.C.) peo    
Peve afa    
Phoenician phn    
Phom sit    
Pidgin cpe    
Piedmontese roa    
Filipino fil    
Pima Bajo cai    
Pintupi paa    
Pochuri sit    
Pokomo bnt    
Polabian sla    
Polish pol    
polyglott mul    
Pomeranian sla    
Pohnpeian pon    
Portuguese por    
Portuguese-based creole languages cpp    
Prakrit pra    
Prussian gem    
Provençal oci    
Pulaar ful    
Punu bnt    
Quechua que    
K'iche' myn    
Rabha sit    
Rajasthani raj    
Rapanui rap    
Rarotonga rar    
Rhaeto-Romance languages qrc    
Rawang sit    
Reang sit    
Remo mun    
Rengma sit    
Romagnol roa    
Romani rom    
Ronga bnt    
Rongmei sit    
Romanian rum    
Rundi run    
Rusyn ukr    
Russian rus    
Rutul lez    
Kinyarwanda kin    
Sadani bho    
Sakata bnt    
Saka kho    
Salish sal    
Samaritan Aramaic sam    
Sami (Inari Sami) smn    
Sami (Lule Sami) smj    
Sami (Northern Sami) sme    
Sami (Southern Sami) sma    
Sami (Skolt Sami) sms    
Samoan smo    
Samoyedic languages mis    
Sandawe sad    
Sanga bnt    
Sangiang ind    
Sangisari ira    
Sango sag    
Sangtam sit    
Sangu bnt    
Sanskrit san    
Santali sat    
Santo map    
Sora mun    
Sapuon mkh    
Saramaccan cpe    
Sardinian srd    
Sasak sas    
Shauraseni pra    
Shan shn    
Shilluk ssa    
Shor tut    
Scots sco    
Scottish Gaelic gla    
Swedish swe    
Sedang mkh    
Selkup sel    
Sema sit    
Senhaja de Srair ber    
Senufo nic    
Serbian scc    
Serbo-Croatian scc    
Serer srr    
Serrano nai    
Shambaa bnt    
Shawiya ber    
Sherbro nic    
Sherdukpen sit    
Sherpa tib    
Shona sna    
Shoshoni cai    
Sibe Mandschur tut    
Sichuan Yi iii    
Sidamo sid    
Sierra Popoluca cai    
Simte sit    
Sindhi snd    
Sinhalese sin    
Sinohoan ido    
Sioux dak    
Sicilian scn    
Skolt Sami sms    
Slave languages den    
Slovak slo    
Slovenian slv    
Sogdian sog    
Somali som    
Songe bnt    
Songhai son    
Soninke snk    
Soqotri sem    
Sorbian wen    
Sotho sot    
Spanish spa    
Spanish-based creole languages crp    
Sranan srn    
Southern Altai alt    
South Ndebele nbl    
Southern Sami sma    
Sukuma suk    
Sumerian sux    
Sumu inc    
Sundanese sun    
Susu sus    
Swahili swa    
Swahili/Comorian swa    
Svan cau    
Swazi ssw    
Syrian syr    
Tabasaran cau    
Tajik tgk    
Tagalog tgl    
Tahitian tah    
Taita bnt    
Talysh ira    
Tamahaq tmh    
Tamang sit    
Tamazight ber    
Tamil tam    
Tangale afa    
Tangkhul sit    
Tangsa sit    
Tangut sit    
Taraon sit    
Tarascan cai    
Tat ira    
Tatar tat    
Tauya paa    
Teke bnt    
Telugu tel    
Temne tem    
Tepo kro    
Terêna ter    
Teso ssa    
Tetela bnt    
Tetun tet    
Thado sit    
Thai tha    
Tibetan tib    
Tigre tig    
Tigrinya tir    
Tikar nic    
Timuka sai    
Tiv tiv    
Tlingit tli    
Tokelau tkl    
Tonga (Nyasa) tog    
Tonga (Tonga Islands) ton    
Totonac cai    
Trique cai    
Trukese chk    
Tsakhur cau    
Chadic languages qrf    
Chagatai chg    
Czech cze    
Circasian languages cau    
Chechen che    
Chukchi mis    
Chuvash chv    
Tsimshian tsi    
Tsonga tso    
Tswa bnt    
Tswana tsn    
Tuki bnt    
Tukkuthkutchin gwi    
Tulu dra    
Tumbuka tum    
Tunebo sai    
Tupi tup    
Tupuri afa    
Tura nic    
Turkana ssa    
Turkish tur    
Ottoman Turkish (1500 - 1928) ota    
Turkmen tuk    
Tuscarora iro    
Tutchone ath    
Tuvalua tvl    
Tuvinian tyv    
Twi twi    
Tzeltal myn    
Tzotzil myn    
Udi cau    
Udmurt udm    
Ugaritic uga    
Uyghur uig    
Ukrainian ukr    
Umbundu umb    
Hungarian hun    
Urdu urd    
Urhobo nic    
Uzbek uzb    
Vafsi ira    
Vai vai    
Vaiphei sit    
Valencian cat    
Vedic Sanskrit san    
Venda ven    
Venetic ine    
Vietnamese vie    
Volapük vol    
Vute bnt    
Wachi ira    
Wakashan wak    
Walamo wal    
Walbiri aus    
Walloon wln    
Wancho sit    
Waray war    
Washo was    
Wawa chn    
Veps fiu    
West Atlantic languages nic    
Wichita nai    
Wintu nai    
Woleaian map    
Wolof wol    
Votic vot    
Wyandot iro    
Xhosa xho    
Yabem map    
Yaghan sai    
Yaka bnt    
Yakoma nic    
Yala nic    
Yansi bnt    
Yao yao    
Yapese yap    
Yareba paa    
Yimas language paa    
Yimchungrü sit    
Yombe bnt    
Yoruba yor    
Yucatec Maya myn    
Yupik ypk    
Zaghawa ssa    
Zande znd    
Zan-Zun sit    
Zapotec zap    
Zaramo bnt    
Zaza zza    
Zazaki zza    
Zeme sit    
Zenaga zen    
Zhuang zha    
Cimbrian gem    
Zomi sit    
Zoque cai    
Zulu zul    
Zuni zun    
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